Research & Speaking Events

Low Impact Development & Design (LID) & 
Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI)

Partners: EcoSolutions, University of Hawaii Water Resource Research Center, Kihei Community Foundation, Discovery Land Company, Coral Reef Aliance, Maui Ridge to Reef, US Green Building Council - Hawai'i 

Doctoral Dissertation: Evaluating Stormwater Pollutant Removal Mechanisms by Bioretention
in the Context of Climate Change
University of Vermont, Plant & Soil Science Department

Partners: Dr. Stephanie Hurley (Advisor), Dr. Carol Adair (Co-Advisor), Paliza Shrestha (PhD Candidate)


International Development: Water & Sanitation
Riverbank Filtration
Dandeli, India

Partners: Dr. Tom Boving, University of Rhode Island, The Energy Resource Research Institute, World Bank Development Program

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